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Video Editing • Animation • GIF Production

GIF animation for göt2b, posted on Facebook

GIF animation made for color ULTÎME, posted on Facebook

GIF animation for Alt Citizen

GIF animation for Alt Citizen

Product Photography • Retouching • Compositing

*photo not by me, retouching and compositing only

Graphic created for göt2b's Prime Day sale, which follows their brand guidelines and utilizes a product shot I took in studio.


For every brand that I write captions for, I try to embody their energy and voice since each brand has their own distinct audience. 


I also co-run a music Instagram (@neutralalmondmilkhotel) that features music memes that are reflective of current pop culture trends. I manage daily posts and create a variety of visual content (design, video, photo composites) to grow our audience and keep our relevancy.

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