Hi there! My name is Julia Fletcher.
I'm a multidisciplinary artist, freelance photographer, film enthusiast, feminist, petter of dogs, and lover of all things 80s.
I'm currently a third year student at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland studying Photography and Film Studies.
In addition to all that good stuff, I'm also a contributing photographer for the online magazines Local Wolves and Lithium Magazine.

I find myself creating photographs that seem otherworldly, somehow making the photograph feel familiar yet unfamiliar simultaneously. These otherwise ordinary scenes are ultimately transformed into something much more vibrant and alive, as opposed to the usual space and setting in which it’s known for. I try to never take my work too seriously, and sometimes try to incorporate humor into my projects as well. Whether I'm down the street or setting up a backdrop in my apartment, I bring all of my love and energy for photography with me.

If any of that sounded appealing to you, guess what! I'm available for hire — anything from just a portrait shoot and head shots, to senior portraits, modeling portfolios, and everything in between. I'm also open to collaborating with artists. I can be reached through my contact page or at my email ➭ julia@juliafletcherphoto.com

Email: julia@juliafletcherphoto.com
Flickr: juliafphotography
Facebook: juliafletcherphoto
Instagram: @juliafletcherphoto
Behance: juliafletcher
Linkedin: juliaefletcher


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