Hi there!
My name is Julia. I'm a multidisciplinary artist, photographer, bookmaker, and film enthusiast currently living, working, breathing, existing in Baltimore, MD. I love making long lists, eating breakfast food more than most people, have seen one too many psychological thrillers, and own way too many pairs of black shoes (they're all different I swear). I have dreams of winning an Oscar one day.

As of right now, I'm a third year student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, working towards my BFA in Photography with a minor in Film Studies/Art History. I'm also a contributing photographer and artist for two online magazines, Local Wolves and Lithium Magazine

My work studies the intersection between photography, film, and design, and how they can exist in relationship to one another through utilization of color and the figure’s relationship to it’s surroundings. I try to not take my work too seriously and always have fun with everything I make! If a project I'm working on doesn't make me laugh at least a little bit, then I'm not happy with it. When I'm not in the studio, I'm carrying around a small 35mm point and shoot camera and shooting color film. 

If you want to hire me for freelance work, give me my dream job, or send me photos of your dog, shoot me a message through my contact page or via email ➭ julia@juliafletcherphoto.com

Facebook: juliafletcherphoto
Instagram: @juliafletcherphoto
Behance: juliafletcher
Linkedin: juliaefletcher

Photo on the left is by Summer Howard.
You can find my real About page here.


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